"You have such a powerful film. As former owners of a race horse, it had special meaning to us." .... JAN SEARS, Excutive Director/Founder Big Island Film Festival

"This is a film you must see more than once. With every viewing of The Equestrian it just gets better and better." .... LIZZIE GREENWOOD-HUGHES, Presenter Sports News on BBC News Channel and BBC Weekend

"Mind blowing - went to see a screening of The Equestrian Film last night - very thought provoking and great shots - can't say more as would spoil it for anyone going to see it. If you get the opportunity - watch it - lots of emotion and probably not what most would be expecting. Lovely to see friends involved and thanks Sybil" .... JONATHAN MICHAEL RUSSELL

"... as many of you may remember I went to see a private screening of The Equestrian Film a few weeks back. It has taken me a while to decide exactly what I wanted to say so here goes...
It was definitly not what I was expecting to see! I expected a more traditional type of film - you know the equestrian films that have been produced in the past you watch them and appreciate the storyline but you don't have much to think about, they don't stay with you?
However, The Equestrian Film engaged the artistic streak in every viewer - ensuring we focused on light, camera angle and powerful imagery, it really made me appreciate aspects of film making I have never considered before.
It is an intelligently put together short film to provoke emotion and has a self reflective aspect which we can all relate to, it left me pondering for days. Please don't take that as an implication that this film is only for the horse riders out there, it is a film for anyone with a passion...
I'm not going to say any more, apart from... watch it and interpret the film for yourselves!"

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